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IBSim Training Follow-up

This is follow-up session for those who attended our training at IBSim.

This will be a drop-in session to help if you’ve had trouble getting the notebooks to run locally.

Session aims:

1. Answer any new questions you have about the notebooks/using CIL

2. Help you to install CIL locally

3. Help you to clone the notebooks

4. Help you to run the notebooks locally

Before the session we advise you to try to install CIL yourself following these instructions: https://github.com/TomographicImaging/CIL#installation-of-cil

The notebooks can be found in the CIL-Demos repository, currently they are on the branch ibsim2022 https://github.com/TomographicImaging/CIL-Demos/tree/ibsim2022

You’ll need to download the data for each notebook and update the path.

October 27, 2022

11:30 am

Zoom Link