CCPi Training Resources

We run a range of online and in-person training courses, in particular for our Core Imaging Library software (CIL).

We have a number of notebooks and videos from previous online training courses. Check them out below!

Fully3D Training School for SIRF and CIL – July 2021

CIL version 21.1.0

This was an online training course for the image reconstruction, optimisation and regularisation software packages: Synergistic Image Reconstruction Framework (SIRF) and the Core Imaging Library (CIL). The course was recorded, with all the sessions available to watch online.

The material starts at an introductory level for anyone beginning in the image reconstruction field with interest in software and computing. The course covers image reconstruction for PET, MRI and x-ray CT, emphasising commonalities but allowing participants to concentrate on topics that fit their interest.

Talks and Demonstrations Playlist

This playlist has a range of talks and demonstration videos from different events.

The first talk is from the PyData conference in April 2022. In this talk, we present the Core Imaging Library (CIL), and give a brief introduction on inverse problems with motivating examples in different imaging applications such as denoising, deblurring and inpainting. Then, we present the optimisation framework of CIL, that is used to formalise and solve these problems with a wide range of CIL operators, functions and algorithms. Finally, we will demonstrate how to use CIL to reconstruct a real and challenging tomographic dataset with conventional analytic methods and iterative reconstruction algorithms