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6th Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography conference

13-16 June 2022

Conference coordinated and supported by the

NEWS Flash CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Submitted research will be presented in oral and poster formats with prizes awarded for the best submissions.
Please send your completed Abstract Template https://www.ccpi.ac.uk/sites/www.ccpi.ac.uk/files/AbstractTemplate.docx to martin.turner@manchester.ac.uk
Deadline by 28 March Extended to 18 April 2022

Thanks to our Sponsors who will all have exhibition stands:


Welcome to the 2022 Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography (dXCT MMXXII) conference; an annual event, coordinated by the NPL, presenting and disseminating the latest developments in XCT for dimensional measurement and its industrial impact across a variety of applications. The conference defines synergies and opportunities of collaborations between different organisations and commercial representatives.

The 6th annual Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography conference is being held at the University of Manchester, mainly as a face-to-face meeting, between the 13th and 16h of June 2022. We are proud to announce that this year’s event will be supported by NPL and linked with the launch year of the Royce Hub Building

13-14 June 2022 Training days on latest software toolkits as well as access to imaging hardware facilities at the Royce Hub Building.

15-16 June 2022 Main conference to be held at the Schuster Annex, at the University of Manchester. Including a drinks reception and description of facilities including a talk with an emphasis on Palaeontology X-ray based metrology.

The main themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:
– Special presentation describing and updating on the international XCT standardisation process (ISO/BSI)
– New developments in XCT (technology improvement, correction of errors, etc.)
– XCT for dimensional metrology (traceability and verification)
– Dimensional XCT for industry applications (automotive, aerospace, additive manufacturing, etc.)
– Dimensional XCT for medical/bio applications
– Standardisation



Hosted at the University of Manchester this is aiming to include interaction especially with the new imaging facilities available from the Royce Institute and the National X-Ray Computed Tomography facility.

On the evening of the 15 June 2022 we will host a networking buffet dinner, with a presentation from Prof Phil Manning to talk about “Dinosaur CSI” http://dinosaursabbatical.blogspot.com/

Call for Abstract and Posters

Papers in the format of short abstract are invited from academia and industry. Accepted research will be presented in oral and poster formats with prizes awarded for the best presentations.

To submit your (200 word) abstract and/or register your interest in attending this event please email abstract to Dr. Martin Turner martin.turner@manchester.ac.uk

The template for short abstract submissions is available here. https://www.ccpi.ac.uk/sites/www.ccpi.ac.uk/files/AbstractTemplate.docx

Important dates

– 200 Word Abstracts for oral presentations: deadline 18 April 2022
– 200 Word Abstracts for poster presentations: deadline 30 May 2022

Notification is due two weeks after initial close: 7th May 2022

Accepted articles will also be invited to submit a full paper for consideration in Measurement Science and Technology, a prestigious scientific instrumentation and measurement journal and the first research journal produced by the Institute of Physics. The journal covers all aspects of the theory, practice and application of measurement, instrumentation and sensing across science and engineering.


Full details and abstracts at: https://www.ccpi.ac.uk/node/1032

Title: Dimensional Metrology in full vehicle scanning using XXL-Computed Tomography
Speaker: Michael Salamon is heading the group High Energy X-ray Systems at the Fraunhofer-Development Center X-ray Technology, Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits, Fürth.
Bio: Michael graduated as an engineer for biomedical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.(Fh)) at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster. He completed his studies with a diploma thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in the department Development Center X-ray Technology. The focus of his research activities was the development of high-resolution computed tomography for material characterization and the development of customer-specific X-ray solutions. In 2010, Michael Salamon took over the management of the Laboratory X-ray Systems Group and expanded the spectrum from high-resolution CT to high-energy CT as part of the Group’s activities. Since 2016, Michael Salamon is head of the High Energy X-ray Systems group, which concentrates entirely on the operation, further development and marketing of the XXL-CT.

Title: Measurement at the National Facility for X-ray CT (NXCT.ac.uk)
Speaker: Dr Jay Warnett
Bio: Dr Warnett is an Associate Professor at WMG, University of Warwick, having started there as a Research Fellow in 2014. His principal aim is to improve the use of data in X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) for the purpose of measurement. Most recently, he forms part of the management committee for the National Research Facility for XCT (NXCT) that enables (free and paid) access to state-of-the-art lab-based imaging facilities for industry and academia, with one of its spokes at Warwick. Alongside fundamental development, Dr Warnett has helped demonstrate the technique to non-engineering groups that has enhanced their own applications such as West Midlands Police for forensics, and Oxford Natural History Museum for digital twins such as the Dodo. He has also had an impact in policy with co-authorship of the EPSRC Tomography Roadmap, affiliation of national and international working groups for ISO 10360-11, and committee membership of both dXCT and ToScA conferences.

Dinner Speech keynote from Prof Phil Manning, “Imaging Life on Earth” Abstract and details at: http://www.ccpi.ac.uk/node/1001

Training 13-14 June 2022


Two days of hands-on training are available including General Introductions and four Intensive courses.

-Course 1: X-ray CT instrument optimisation and calibration techniques
-Course 2: Defect metrology in X-ray CT and application of measurement confidence
-Course 3: Diffraction contrast tomography
-Course 4: Spectroscopic X-ray CT imaging for chemical composition mapping

Details of the “Two-day Training Sessions Registration 13-14 June 2022 for £100.00” and Registration link at https://www.ccpi.ac.uk/node/1002


Registration for the conference and booking exhibition/sponsorship slots is open:
. Registration plus Buffet Dinner 15-16 June 2022 £190.00
. Student Registration plus Buffet Dinner 15-16 June 2022 £125.00


Links for publication at IOP Science: Measurement Science and Technology

All authors and contributors will be invited to submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript to the IOP Science “Measurement Science and Technology Advanced Computed Tomography for Dimensional and Surface Measurements in Industry”

From the journal online system do the following:
– Visit http://mc04.manuscriptcentral.com/mst-iop
– Select ‘Advanced Computed Tomography for Dimensional and Surface Measurements in Industry’ from the drop-down list

Delegate challenge

An open invitation to all participating delegates to enter the Delegate Challenge, detailed information will be made available Q1 in 2022.

Sponsorship and Exhibitions



Opportunities are available to sponsor and exhibit various aspects of the conference, for more information or to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact Drs Wenjuan Sun or Martin Turner.

You can be a key sponsor for £1000; an Exhibition space for £600 and have a poster presence for £200.

Local Administration

-Tristan Lowe
-Martin Turner (CCPi.ac.uk)
-Tim Burnett (NXCT.ac.uk)
-Nicola Wadeson (NXCT.ac.uk)
-Jennifer Sanders

Dimensional-XCT Executive Committee

-Wenjuan Sun (President)
-Adam Thompson (Secretary)
-Tim Whiteside (Finance)
-Martin Turner (Publications)
-Alex Attridge (Policy)
-Jay Warnett (Website)
-David Gorman
-Farah Ahmed
-Paul Gunning
-Paul Bills
-Richard Watson
-Michael McCarthy
-Tristan Lowe

Management Action List

-Finance estimation (fee and cost etc.) and remain cost as per pervious years. Budget for to University of Manchester School and VAT approval.
-Consent forms and Covid forms
-Review of abstracts (dXCT cttee)
-Delegate pack (conference programme, sponsor page, abstracts etc.) (Create as pdf file)
-Venue preparation including appointment of front-of-desk and badge management
-On the previous day activities
– exhibition arrival / parking and setup
-On the day activities
– front of desk
– badge publication
– catering and coordinate sessions


-NPL site: https://www.npl.co.uk/research/dimensional/dxct-conference/dxct-2022
-Royce Institute https://www.royce.ac.uk/events/dxct-conference-2022/

Monday, 13 June, 2022 – 10:00 to Thursday, 16 June, 2022 – 16:00

June 13, 2022

9:00 am

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