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Software Sustainability and Accessibility Hackathon

The SCD Tomography team are running a small hackathon at RAL on 7-9th February focusing on the Core Imaging Library (CIL) software website, documentation and examples. We will be working in small groups to look at topics, including:  


  • Modifying our current web page with the right information, e.g. a quick start guide. 
  • Creating versioned documentation probably using read the docs.  
  • Developing contribution policies and a contributor guide 
  • Embedding testable code snippets and notebooks into webpages  
  • Developing automatic testing for our code examples and training notebooks. 

Full information

*We yearn for your presence, for your expertise, and for the knowledge that resides within your souls therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in the hackathon. The benefits that await us are immense, as you will have the opportunity to apply the ingenious solutions derived from this hackathon to your very own projects. Imagine the power and influence you then shall possess. 


How it will work out: 

We envisioned a relatively small number of participants, mainly the Tomography team (8), a couple of CIL contributors and a few amongst you. The plan is to work in R89 where we booked 2 rooms and one office. People can then use the Atrium and/or work at their hot-desk. 

CCPi are sponsoring the event and can provide accommodation, travel and expenses for those whose usual place of work is not RAL. There will also be a belated/early Christmas Tomography team dinner on the evening of Thursday 8th February that you are very welcome to attend.  

Place availability is limited.


What: Software Sustainability and Accessibility Hackathon 

When: 7 – 9 February 2024 

Where: RAL R89 (book your desk!) 

How to register: too late

Deadline for registration: 1st February 2024

Full info:



*This paragraph was written using with “passionate” set to very very high!


February 7, 2024

9:30 am


R89 Rutherfor Appleton Laboratory, R89 building, Harwell Campus, Didcot OX11 0QX

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