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Project Co-Investigator

Dr Warnett joined WMG as an Assistant Professor in August 2016. He has influenced policy in the area with co-authorship of the EPSRC Tomography Roadmap, leading to the recommendation for “higher speed/throughput” CT and the acquisition of strategic equipment (EP/S010076/1). Most recently he was successful as Co-Investigator for the National Research Facility for X-ray Computed Tomography, of which Warwick is the Metrology spoke (EP/T02593X/1).
Dr Warnett is an integral part of the imaging community as Secretary to the international conference ToScA and part of the committee for dimensional XCT conference. He is a part of national and international working groups for the development of the new ISO 10360 standard for X-ray Computed Tomography in efforts to standardise processes and therefore results.

His primary research interests are in developing faster scanning procedures through new acquisition procedures and minimizing data, and error quantification of XCT for metrology.

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